Strictly Personal, Manmohan and Gursharan: A book by Daman Singh

Manmohan SinghA book ‘Strictly Personal, Manmohan and Gursharan’ penned by Daman Singh was released. It tells the untold story of Manmohan Singh, India’s 14th PM, and his wife Gursharan.
The book doesn’t portrait Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister but as the family man whose life and loved ones were embroiled in the vortex of history. The writer reiterates the fact that other than Jawaharlal Nehru, no other PM has had such an influence on India and its economic policies as Manmohan Singh.
Daman Singh sheds light on the life and struggle of her father – as a young boy; he lost his mother to eternity, and his family to the partition.



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