Stratolaunch: World's largest aircraft successfully passes first engine tests

The world’s largest all-composite airplane Stratolaunch in terms of wingspan successfully completed its initial engine tests. It is designed for launching for sending satellite-carrying rockets into low-Earth orbit.
The plane hasbiggest wingspan ever built, measuring 118 m from one end to the other, longer than a professional football field. It weighs about 227,000 kg.

Key facts

Stratolaunch plane is fitted with six 747 turbofan engines. It is designed to carry nearly 250,000 kg between the two fuselages. It can hold more than 113,000 kg of fuel. It has operational range of approximately 2,000 nautical miles.
Stratolaunch plane is designed for runway-style takeoff.  Once it reaches cruising altitude of 11,000 metres, it can detach rockets carrying small satellites into low-Earth orbit. It is capable of delivering payloads to multiple orbits and inclinations in a single mission.



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