Starch-Based “Hemostat” developed at Institute of Nano Science to stop blood loss

Scientists at the INST (Institute of Nano Science and Technology), that operates under the Department of Science & Technology, have developed starch based ‘Hemostat’.

Starch Based Hemostat

The starch-based ‘hemostat’ are developed to stop rapid blood loss during accidents, as it physically absorbs excess fluid and concentrates the natural clotting factors in blood. The product possesses increased absorption capacity, improved absorption, inexpensive and is biodegradable.


Hemostats are surgical tools that are used to control bleeding.

Blood Coagulation

Rapid Blood coagulation is important to stop blood loss. When bold oozes out of cuts, the circulating substance in the blood called the coagulants changes the blood into an insoluble gel. This process requires coagulation factors, phospholipids and calcium. There are 12 coagulation factors in human body.

The Coagulation factors are manufactured in liver.

Institute of Nano Science

The Institute of Nano Science operates under Department of Science and Technology. It was established under the National Mission of Nano Science and Technology or NANO mission. The mission aims to promote growth of nanoscience and technology.




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