Those who spend Rs. 3,000/month in a village are among top 5% in the country

As per the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), an individual who spends over Rs. 2,886 per month in a rural area or Rs. 6,383 per month in an urban area is in the top 5% of the country. The top 10% of the country includes anyone who spends over Rs. 2296 per month in a rural area and Rs. 4610 per month in an urban area.
Some key Inter-state Comparisons:

  • Presently there is enormous inter-state differences as a person spending over Rs. 1995 per head will be into the top 5% of rural Bihar, but more than half of Kerala is spending at that level.
  • A person in rural Jharkhand spending Rs. 1710 per month would be in top 5% of the State but over 60% of Punjab is spending at that level.
  • In urban India, spending a person spending Rs. 3400 per month in urban Bihar would be among the top 5% of that State, but only the top 30% of Delhi.
  • 30% of urban Chhattisgarh lives on a monthly per capita expenditure of Rs. 1046, while less than 5% of Kerala lives at that level of expenditure.
  • Absolute spending on food increases with increasing level of incomes in both rural and urban India, even as its proportion in total expenditure falls.