New species of Geckos discovered at Hampi in Karnataka

A new species of a gecko was spotted at the ruins of the World Heritage Site of Hampi in Karnataka. It was named as Cnemaspis adii after a young herpetology researcher Aditya Srinivasulu from Hyderabad, Telangana.
It was spotted by the researchers from the Osmania University in Hyderabad.
Cnemaspis adii gecko is similar to a type of lizard usually found in warm climates. It belongs to the family of day geckos which are characterized by round pupils unlike regular geckos which have vertical pupils.
This discovery of the gecko in Hampi is significant because for the first time species of day gecko was found in the central regions of the peninsular India.
The other species of day geckos are commonly found in Western Ghats and southern Eastern Ghats of peninsular India.



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