Special court to try Italian guards accused of killing Kerala fishermen

Regarding the case of shooting of Indian fishermen by Italian naval guards, the apex court has ruled that Kerala government or police have no jurisdiction to deal with the case. The court called the incident a federal crime and hence only the central government can have jurisdiction to deal with the case.
The guards had killed the two fishermen fearing a pirate attack.  The court has, however, allowed the vessel to leave Indian coast along with crew members and remaining naval guards, subject to the condition that they make themselves available whenever required by authorities during the investigation and prosecution of the two arrested naval guards. The ship owner has been ordered to execute a bond of Rs 3 crore before the registrar general of the Kerala high court as a surety for the presence of crew members and the vessel, whenever required. The court clarified that ruling would not affect the right of the Kerala government to carry on the investigation and the prosecution of the naval guards.



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