Spanish Flu: Predecessor Pandemic to Corona Virus

In 1918, the Spanish Flu caused global pandemic. It spread indiscriminately killing more than 50 million people. 10% of the patients infected with the virus died. It is considered as the deadliest pandemic in the world history.


Though the disease was named Spanish Flu, it did not originate in Spain. It was Spain who actually discovered that the epidemic is because of a new strain of virus. And therefore, it was called Spanish Flu. Spanish Flu is said to have been originated from Northern China. The outbreak of Spanish Flu began during World War I. The virus affected the soldiers greatly.

What are the Phases of Pandemics?

The WHO (World Health Organization) has provided alert system for pandemics. There are 6 phases as provided by the organization. At the first phase, the virus affects animals in larger scale and does not affect humans. In second phase the animal flu virus begins its infections in humans. At the next phase the infections begin to occur in clusters. This is when mass gatherings are avoided, schools are shut down, etc. In stage 4, pandemic increases but its increase cannot be confirmed. It then begins to occur in more than one country. In the last stage, community level outbreaks begin.




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