Spain's ruling conservative People’s Party wins 2015 general election

Ruling conservative People’s Party (PP) of Spain led Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy by has won the 2015 general election of the country.
In the general election, PP won the 123 seats by securing in the lower house of the 350-member Parliament and securing 28.7 percent vote share.
However, it has fallen short of absolute majority which can be achieved by any party that wins minimum 176 seats.  Now the People’s Party has to form a coalition government with support of other political parties to govern for another four-year term.
Results of other parties

  • The Socialists which won 90 seats with 22 percent vote share.
  • Anti-austerity Podemos Party along with its allies won 69 seats with 20.6 percent vote share.
  • Liberal Ciudadanos party (LCP) won 40 seats with 13.8 percent vote share.

In the earlier outgoing parliament People’s Party was having 186 seats in the lower house of the Parliament.



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