“SOMAH Solution- to preserve donated organs”; developed by Indian origin doctor Dr. Hemant Thatte

An Indian origin doctor, Dr. Hemant Thatte developed a 21-chemical solution known as SOMAH Solution that could preserve a donated organ for up to a week before a transplant.

  • Dr. Hemant Thatte is a senior cardiovascular surgeon at HarvardUniversity.

What is SOMAH Solution?
SOMAH Solution in Sanskrit means elixir of immortality.

  • The new preservative that is a mixture of 21 chemicals, has the potential to store the heart (and other organs) for up to 7 days.
  • A research paper published in the medical journal Circulation in October 2009 showed cells of organs preserved in SOMAH had a lower rate of death than in another preservation solution.
  • The biggest advantage of SOMAH is that it can be used at room temperatures. 

Presently, hearts and lungs need to be transplanted within 4-6 hours of being recovered from a brain-dead donor, the liver within 8 hours and kidneys within a bit more than 24 hours. In addition, the available organs cannot be transported long-distance for transplant and have to be made available locally.



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