Solar Eclipse in India

The Earth is to witness an annular solar eclipse on June 21, 2020. The eclipse is to be the deepest as the moon is to cover 98.8% of the sun.


There are four types of solar eclipses. They are partial solar eclipse, total solar eclipse, hybrid solar eclipse and annual solar eclipse.

  • Total Eclipse: The total eclipse occurs when the moon completely obscures the sun
  • Annular Eclipse: The eclipse that occurs when the sun and moon are in line with the earth. During this eclipse, the sun appears as a bright ring or an annulus.
  • Hybrid Eclipse: This type of eclipse shifts between total and annular eclipse
  • Partial Eclipse: This eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are not in line with the moon and the earth.


The eclipse to occur on June 21, 2020 will be visible in many parts of India. The eclipse is to continue for 6 hours. The eclipse is to be visible to states such as Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttarakhand. To the rest of the country, the eclipse is to be partial.




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