‘Slum Free India’ mission to be launched soon

The Union government has planned to start a ‘Slum Free India’ mission with Rajiv Awas Yojana(RAY). The programme will be implemented on a mission mode during 2013-22.

What is ‘Slum Free India’ mission?

The ‘Slum Free India’ mission will be aimed at bringing all existing slums within the formal system and enabling them to avail the basic amenities that are available for the rest of the city. In the implementation phase, RAY will cover all towns, cities and urban agglomerations in the country.

How would the selection of slums be made?

The selection will be made by the states in consultation with the centre giving priority to district headquarters, cities of religious, heritage and tourist importance with due consideration to the criterion of speed of growth of the city, slums within the city and predominance of scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and minority population and other weaker and vulnerable section of the society.

What would be the government funding structure of ‘Slum Free India’ mission?

The Union government would fund 50%, 75% and 80% of the project cost for towns, cities and urban agglomerations respectively with population of more than 5 lakh, less than 5 lakh for those in northeastern region.



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