SIPRI Yearbook: Nuclear Weapons of India and China increases

On June 15, 2020, the Swedish think-tank launched the SIPRI Yearbook, 2020.According to the yearbook, India and China have increased their nuclear arsenal as compared to 2019.

Key findings

The think tank also reports that China is modernizing its nuclear arsenal. China and Pakistan as compared to India have more nuclear warheads.

The Think tank has listed the following

  • India has 150 nuclear war heads
  • China had 290 and Pakistan has around 150 to 160 nuclear war heads.


The report says that India is expanding its nuclear weapon stock pile and nuclear infrastructure. Aircrafts are the most mature component of nuclear strike capability of India. India has assigned 48 nuclear bombs to its aircrafts. India is also developing naval component of its nuclear triad.


The think tank says that China is developing the nuclear triad for the first time. It has made new sea-based missiles and nuclear capable aircrafts. The country has assigned over 240 war heads to operate its land and sea based ballistic missiles. Also, China has adopted a nuclear strategy for its self defence.

Findings of SIPRI

According to SIPRI, the nine major nuclear armed states of the world include US, UK, Russia, France, India, Pakistan, China, North Korea and Israel. These countries together possessed 13,400 nuclear weapons in the beginning of 2020. However, this has decreased to 13,865 nuclear weapons as compared to 2019. Of these 3,720 nuclear weapons are currently deployed and 1,800 are kept in high operational alert.

The reduction in the number of nuclear weapons as compare to 2019 was mainly because of the dismantlement of retired nuclear weapons by Russia and US. US and Russia alone possess 90% of world nuclear weapons.




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