Simons Investigators Awards 2013 to four Indian-Americans

Four Indian American Professors Kannan Soundararajan, Rajeev Alur, Salil P Vadhan and Senthil Todadri are among the 13 mathematicians, theoretical physicists and theoretical computer scientists who have won 2013 Simons Investigators Awards.
People Awarded with their field of Study:

  • Physics

Victor Galitski from The University of Maryland, Randall Kamien from University of Pennsylvania, Joel Moore from University of California, Berkeley, Dam Thanh Son from the University of Chicago,  Senthil Todadri from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Xi Yin from Harvard University.

  • Computer Science

Rajeev Alur from University of Pennsylvania, Piotr Indyk from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Salil P. Vadhan from Harvard University

  • Mathematics

Ngô Bao Châu from the University of Chicago, Maryam Mirzakhani from Stanford University and Kannan Soundararajan from Stanford University and Daniel Tataru from University of California, Berkeley

Why Simons Investigators Awards are given?

Simons Investigators Awards 2013 were announced by the New York-based Simons Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation. The foundation was incorporated in 1994 by Jim and Marilyn Simons.
Its aim is to advance the lines of research in mathematics and basic sciences. The Simons Investigators program provides a stable base of support for outstanding scientists, enabling them to undertake long-term study of fundamental questions.
About Simons Investigators:
Simons Investigators are outstanding theoretical scientists who receive long-term research support from the Simons Foundation. A Simons Investigator is appointed for an initial period of five years with possible renewal for a further five years.  An Investigator will receive research support of $100,000 per year, with an additional $10,000 per year provided to the Investigator’s department. The Investigator’s institution will receive 20% for indirect costs.