Silao Khaja gets GI tag

Silao Khaja, the traditional delicacy of Nalanda district of Bihar, has recently got GI tag from the Geographical Indications Registry at Chennai. The Silao Khaja is known for its taste, crispness and multi-layered appearance which is attributed to local water and climate of Silao. The sweet consists of 12 to 16 very thin dough-sheets placed over one another. The light yellow colour sweet has wheat-flour, sugar, maida, ghee, cardamom and aniseeds as ingredients. The application for GI tag was filed by Silao Khaja Audyogik Swavalambi Sahakari Samiti Limited. According to the documents submitted to GI Registry by the applicant, the famous British archaeologist J D Beglar who visited Silao in 1872-73 describes the ‘sweetmeat’ and writes about the legend that the sweet dates back to King Vikramaditya. Another myth is that Lord Buddha was offered Silao Khaja when he passed through Silao in the course of his journey from Rajgir to Nalanda. Silao is located close to Buddhist sites.


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