Siachen Day Commemorated

On April 13, 2020, the Indian Army commemorated Siachen Day. The day is observed to commemorate the courage of Indian Army under “Operation Meghdoot”. The Day also honours Siachen Warriors serving motherland successfully from the enemy.


Every year, the Indian army commemorates by displaying the courage of Indian Army troops that are securing the coldest and highest battlefield in the world.

Operation Meghdoot

The Operation Meghdoot was launched on April 13, 1984. Under the operation, the Indian troops successfully gained control of entire Siachen glacier. The Operation was led by Lieutenant General Prem Nath Hoon.


The Karachi Agreement that was signed in July 1949 did not specify who had authority over Siachen Glacier. In 1970s and 1980s, the Pakistan Government gave permission to mountaineering expeditions. India made its first air landing on the glacier in 1978.

The conflict began when Pakistan allowed Japanese expedition to scale Rimo I (an important peak in the region) in 1984. This increased the suspicion of Indian Government over Pakistan legitimising the glacier. This led to the launch of Operation Meghdoot.




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