Short Note : The Tenth Schedule of the Indian Constitution

To curb the rising menace of defections among the elected members of the Legislative Assemblies and the Parliament, the Indian Government inserted the 10th Schedule to the Indian Constitution by a 1985 Amendment to the Constitution. The 10th Schedule is also popularly known as the Anti-Defection law of India.

What is defection?

Defection is the act of abandoning a position or association to join another grouping, mostly the opposition. Defection is an act by a member of a particular party of disowning his loyalty towards that particular party and pledging allegiance to another party (crossing the floor).

What does the bill do?

This Bill is meant for outlawing defection and fulfilling the government’s vision of preventing the undermining of democracy.

What are the provisions of the bill?

The bill provides for the immediate disqualification of any member defecting from a political party apart from the party they were elected from. Even an independent legislator cannot join another party. However, in case 2/3rd members from a political party defect from a party to another party, they will be allowed to merge with another party.

Why is it in the news?

12 (out of total 18) elected legislators of the Congress party in Telangana joined the TRS. Also, over 10 MLAs of Congress party joined the BJP in Goa.


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