Short Note – Riots in Hong-Kong

The tiny nation of Hong-Kong is currently up in arms as over one million people have to take to the streets in the past 3 weeks to take on the local China-backed leaders and administration. The protestors had tried to storm the legislature house on the anniversary of the City’s return to China after a 99-year British control and the riot police had to resort to baton-charge & pepper sprays to control the crowd.

What is this happening in Hong-Kong?

  • An extradition bill has been proposed in Hong-Kong which will allow convicts and under0trails to be sent to mainland China for trial.
  • The proposed extradition bill has awakened broader fears that China is eroding the freedoms and rights guaranteed to Hong Kong for 50 years under a one country, two systems framework.
  • Courts in China are controlled by the Communist party and people in Hong-Kong fear it may lead to the dilutions of protections ensured to the people of Hong-Kong under the one country, two systems framework.
  • After much protests, the bill has been put in suspended animation but people are still on the streets to demand the withdrawal of court cases against the people involved in the protests and assurances that further moves to dilute Hong-Kong’s special privileges by China will not be made.
  • The protestors have also demanded the removal of Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam.

What it holds for China?

The major protests in HongKong are the first major challenge before Chinese leader Xi Jinping who has consolidated most of the power in various Chinese Governmental bodies and is looking to increase the Chinese sphere of influence. The protests have weakened the standing of HongKong as an attractive destination for wealthy and multiple wealthy people have already started to pull out of HongKong, putting a strain on the city’s and China’s finances.

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