Short Note : Agent Smith

In what could be the biggest security breach of the century, a new malware named “Agent Smith” has infected several digitally connected devices.

How does it work?

Uniquely, the malware does not appear to steal or violate any user data. Instead, it replaces the portions of the Android code with its own which allows it to hack apps and display its own ads so that the views can be increased allowing the malware’s operator to profit due to the greater no. of views.

The malware looks for popular apps, replaces their codes with its own and prevents the other apps from being updated. Given the resemblance it’s way of working bears to a major antagonist in the Matrix movie franchise, the app has been named “Agent Smith” by the researchers who have found it.

How many are actually infected?

While the estimates vary about the number of infected systems, estimates from various sources have pegged the number between 15-25 million devices.

Researchers have also claimed that over 15 million phones have been infected in India with another 300000 in the United States.

Way it spread?

Earlier, the malware spread via the Google Play Store. However, now Google has removed the malicious apps. The malware can be removed from the systems by updating the old apps in the devices.


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