September 30: World Translation Day

The World Translation Day is marked by the United Nations to pay tribute to the language professionals. By this, the organization plays a crucial role in bringing nations together. This strengthens cooperation, understanding, facilitates dialogues, contributes to development and strengthens world peace and security.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution in 2017 to highlight the role of language professionals and declared September 30 as International Translation day. The event is promoted by the International Federation of Translators.

Theme: Translation and Indigenous languages

Significance of the theme

Many indigenous languages are disappearing. When a community loses its language, it is on its way to lose its culture. The theme of 2019 aims at preserving and protecting the indigenous languages that are in danger of disappearing.

International Federation of Translator

It was set up in 1953. The purpose of the organization is to enhance the cooperation amongst professional translators all over the world.




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