Senior Journalist Vinod Mehta passes away

Senior Journalist and Outlook Group’s editorial chairman Vinod Mehta passed away on 8 March 2015 at the age of 72.
He was one of the India’s most influential editors, fine journalist & writer.

 About Vinod Mehta

  • Vinod Mehta was born on May 31, 1942 in Rawalpindi, West-Punjab region of undivided India (now in Pakistan).
  • As an influential editor he had launched number of successful publications including the Sunday Observer, Indian Post, The Independent, The Pioneer (Delhi edition) and Outlook.
  • He has authored a biography of Meena Kumari (movie actress and poet) and Sanjay Gandhi- The Sanjay Story (2012).
  • His other acclaimed work includes memoir Lucknow Boy published in 2012, Mr Editor, How close are you to the PM? (1999) and Bombay: A Private View (1971).
  • Awards- He was conferred with Yash Bharti Samman (2015) by Uttar Pradesh government.



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