New “secret” planetary system with 3 super-Earths discovered

Astronomers have discovered a new secret planetary system which has 3 super-Earths and one outer giant planet.
This secret planetary system christened as HD219134, is located at a distance of just 21 light years from Earth and has the constellation named Cassiopeia. The constellation hosts one outer giant planet and three inner super-Earths.
Of these inner planets, one of them transits in front of the star and so far it is the closest transiting planet known. The transiting super Earth planet has a density similar to the Earth. The three inner planets are mostly rocky.
This new secret planetary system was discovered by using HARPS-N spectrograph, a specially designed high-precision radial-velocity instrument built by an international consortium. It has been installed at the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo on the La Palma Island in Spain.



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