Second COVID 19 Vaccine for Human Trial in Russia

A Russian state virology institute has commenced human trials of the country’s second COVID 19 vaccine by injecting it into five volunteers and it is reported that the individuals were found to be fine after the process. Another volunteer trial by the institute, named as Vector Virology Institute in Siberia, will commence on July 30.

The institute is testing a peptide vaccine using a platform first developed for Ebola. The overall trial is expected to scale up to 100 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 60 years. Apart from this, the institute is also working on five other potential vaccines for the deadly virus.

In this regard, another Russian institute is also entering into human trials this month after completion of an adenovirus-based vaccine. Gamaleya Institute is involved in this process and it is going to enter large-scale trials by August.

Overall, four human vaccines around the world are in the final phase III of human trials, according to the WHO data one of which has been developed in Britain and the rest in China. Apart from this, 100 vaccines are being developed by various countries in the world to stop the spread of the deadly COVID 19 virus.




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