Scotland sliding towards referendum

The demands for independence in Scotland are getting louder as a recent poll suggested that chances that it gets separate from United Kingdom have shown an upwards trend. There are more votes with the ‘yes’ tag than otherwise. Such polls and results make a lot of significance in shaping public opinion especially when the referendum for independence is just 2 weeks away. A YouGov Poll conducted for The Sunday Times apparently showed 51% ‘yes’ votes and 49% ‘no’ votes. Such numbers were concluded after asking 1084 voters and singling out the undecided ones.
Apart from all the major political ramifications, the poll also suggest that the support base for the “Better Together” campaign had faded at a surprisingly great speed. It also meant that the “yes” campaign had subtly gained inroads to many corners across the length and breadth of the Scottish society.
The government at Scotland which has led the ‘yes’ campaign, has termed the referendum a ‘once in a generation’ chance to empower oneself to take the decisions affecting Scots. They are painting brighter pictures for an independent Scotland which can also be decisive.
Also, the ‘Better Together” calls for the status quo to be maintained as it will in the interests of Scotland which can be assured of security and armed might of UK. David Cameron, has come out in the open asking the Scottish people to be prudent in their choices as it will decide their future life opportunities for years to come. He firmly stated that there will be no-looking back once the referendum’s results pour out.
The impending divorce has started to show its effect on the falling currency values. Monday saw a sharp fall in the value of the pound. The Scottish government has expressed its willingness to continue with the British pound as the currency which is in the union with rest of the United Kingdom. The latter has found no support from any of the parties in Europe.