Scientists discover new planet with triple-star system named KELT-4Ab

Scientists have discovered a rare triple-star system named KELT-4Ab with a gas giant planet similar in size to Jupiter.
It was discovered by the researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in the United States. The research was published in The Astronomical Journal.
Key facts

  • Known planets with three stars appearing in their sky are rare and the new discovery is just the fourth and the closest one yet.
  • In KELT-4Ab triple-star system, the main star named KELT-A is brighter than the other stars that serve as suns for their planets.
  • It has a gas giant planet, similar in size to Jupiter takes approximately three days to make its way around its sun (star) KELT-A.
  • The other two stars are named KELT-B and C. They are much farther away and orbit one another over the course of approximately 30 years.
  • It takes the pair of stars approximately four thousand years to orbit KELT-A. They appear much dimmer due to their great distance.



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