Scientists develop new strain of Rice that could boost Crop Yields

Scientists developed a new strain of rice that could boost the crop yields by 20%. They have identified the mysterious gene in rice that helps its roots to absorb phosphorus more efficiently. The gene will be now transferred to contemporary varieties of rice using classic methods of cross-breeding, not genetic engineering.

What is the need of this strain and how it will help?

  • Many soil types bond tightly to phosphorus, due to this tight-bonding only a minute quantity of the mineral is absorbed by the plant roots. To meet the needs of Phosphorus, farmers seek help of phosphorus fertilizers. But in poor countries, this option costs too much, which means the plant is left undernourished and it leads to low yields. The new strain will help solve this problem by making the roots of the plant efficiently absorb the mineral, reducing the cost burden and boosting the yield.



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