Schemes for promotion of domestic tourism in India

The Ministry of Tourism has launched several schemes for the promotion of domestic tourism in the country. Two of the schemes which have received prominent focus are Swadesh Darshan and PRASHAD scheme.

What is Swadesh Darshan?

  • The Swadesh Darshan is a 100% centrally funded scheme launched by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Its objective is to develop the theme-based tourist circuits in the country.
  • These tourist circuits will have to be developed after ensuring high tourist value, competitiveness and sustainability in an integrated manner by the Ministry.
  • To steer the scheme as per its mission objectives and vision, a National Steering Committee (NSC) will be constituted with Minister in charge of the Ministry of Tourism as Chairman.
  • The scheme seeks to create awareness among the local communities about the importance of tourism for them.
  • It also aims to promote local arts, culture, handicrafts, cuisine, etc., to generate livelihood in the identified regions.

What is the PRASHAD scheme?

  • The National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive or PRASHAD is a scheme which aims to beautify and improve the tourist amenities and infrastructure available at the various pilgrimage centers of all faiths.
  • PRASHAD aims for the integrated development of pilgrimage destinations in a planned, prioritized and sustainable manner to provide complete religious tourism experience.
  • It also aims to harness pilgrimage tourism for its direct and multiplier effects on employment generation and economic development.

Why is it in the news?

The Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned 7 projects to Kerala under Swadesh Darshan (6) and PRASHAD (1) schemes:



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