Saudi Arabia ends unfair travel restrictions for women travelers

In a significant departure from its position held in the past, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ended all restrictions it had imposed on its women citizens related to travel.

What has happened?

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has passed a set of royal decrees which have removed the unfair and inhumane restriction which were imposed on the women citizens of the kingdom in the name of conservatism and tradition.
  • While historically, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been criticized repeatedly for its treatment of women Saudi Citizens as second-class citizens with restrictions enforced on their living and forcing them to get the consent of a male guardian in making every important decision of their life.
  • Saudi women were even not allowed to drive on Saudi roads which created a huge problem in them commuting to any work and contributing to the economy.
  • However, following this criticism and the coming of rulers with a modern outlook, the Kingdom has slowly but steadily removed the restrictions on women via several royal decrees and orders. This has however come at a steep price and the religious fundamentalists and conservatives have criticized the government’s move as a violation of religious sanction.
  • This has included the lifting of the ban on Saudi women drivers which was ended last year.

What happens now?

  • Saudi Arabia has now effected changes which have stipulated that a Saudi passport can be acquired by any citizen who applies for it and no person above the age of 21 will require permission to travel.
  • In the landmark decree, Saudis have also granted their women to register for childbirth, marriage or divorce.

Women can now also be issued official family documents and are eligible to be the guardian to children who are minors.



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