SATHI: IIT Kharagpur to assist academic institutes in neighbouring region

Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has been selected for setting up a Sophisticated Analytical and Technical Help Institute (SATHI), a Department of Science and Technology (DST) initiative of Centre. Centre has allotted an amount of Rs.125 crore over a period of financial years (starting from 2019-20) for the purpose.


Objective: SATHI is a state-of-the-art, professionally managed science and technology infrastructure facility. Its primary objective will be to extend help to academic institutes in neighbouring regions.

As per Department of Science and Technology mandate, the SATHI Centre will run 24×7 round the year.

At least 80% of instrument use time will be reserved for external users from other start-ups, entrepreneurs, academic institutes, industry and national laboratories.

Facility would involve highest level of expertise of IIT KGP in several key convergence domains of science and technology like structural and safety engineering, medical sciences, soft materials, advanced communication, nano technology and quantum photonics.

SATHI- IIT-Kharagpur

SATHI Centre at IIT Kharagpur would aim towards becoming a national centre of excellence, catering to the scientific need of the country. IIT Delhi has also been chosen for the DST initiative.

IIT-KGP has already identified the requisite physical infrastructure for setting up this facility and is expected to start the activities for centre soon.

IIT-KGP will treat SATHI Centre as its Social Scientific Responsibility (SSR) programme for promoting culture of science-based entrepreneurship and start-ups in the country.

Under the initiative Research establishments and industries, particularly start-ups and manufacturing units, will also be able to use sophisticated instruments in a few select areas.




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