Sagar Kavach: Joint security exercise between Odisha and West Bengal

The Governments of Odisha and neighbouring West Bengal conducted joint security exercise named ‘Sagar Kavach’ to further tighten the existing coastal security mechanism along the 630 km long coastline.
It was security exercise to check efficacy of security parameters and preparedness of various security forces like Indian Navy, Marine police force, Indian Coast Guard (ICG), Forest Department, Fisheries and district administration.

Key Facts

In the exercise, they had organised simulated terror attack named ‘red force’ at random place along Odisha or West Bengal coast and check effectiveness of marine policing. The participants in drill were personnel from Indian Navy, ICG at Paradip and Haldia, 18 marine police stations in Odisha and 12 police stations of West Bengal. Moreover, teams of Customs and port officials, fisheries department officials will also take part in the drill. The drill re-valuated xisting Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) mechanisms.




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