Russian soldiers cloud Putin-Puroshenko dialogue

A latest video released by Ukraine has put the impending dialogue between Ukraine and Russia under shadow. The video shows 10 Russian paratroopers being captured by Ukrainian forces. Ukraine government is looking at it as a another attempt by Russians to support the rebels.
The fighting between Ukrainian forces and separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk-regions which had declared their independence from Kiev after Russia had occupied Crimea. This unrest since June has cost over 2000 innocent lives.
The men have been captured from a village of Dzerkalne which is about 50kms away from Donetsk. The Russians have expressed their disbelief at the video, as they termed it as a violation by mistake. The Ukrainian authorities have termed the Russian explanation as baseless and said the arrested soldiers were on a secret mission.
Russia has always been accused of supporting the rebels with arms and troops on Ukrainian soils. Last week, in Novoazovsk, Ukrainian forces had destroyed 12 armoured infantry vehicles triggering a bitter fight with the rebels.
The Presidents of both the nations are at Minsk in Belarus and were expected to hold bilateral talks on the sidelines. The incident has however put a question mark on the meeting which is very important as no such meeting occurred ever since their last tense encounter in France in June.
The meeting if fruitful can bring peace to the region which has seen escalated violence since long.



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