Russia-Ukraine move closer to Point-of-no-Return

The situation on ground has taken worse spirals and is on the brink of blowing out of proportions. There is an increased presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian soils which has scaled up the tensions in the region. EU is all geared up to impose the next and severe round of sanctions on Russia which is using disproportionate force in its new venture.
This also comes after a new message by Putin in which he has asked his critics to not to mess with the one of the strongest nuclear powers of the world. Russia has constantly opposed any Russian support to the rebels across the Ukrainian border. Russia has constantly remained defiant inspite the tough stand taken by EU and NATO after the pictures of Russian tanks and military were exposed by Ukraine. Ukrainian President has expressed gravest concern for the safety of Ukrainian citizens and has asked the EU to act fast and take recognizable steps which will stop Russia from any further aggression.
US and Germany are reportedly moving towards tougher sanctions on Russia even though economic sanctions have been slapped on many prominent Russian citizens and businesses. The latter also include sanctions against certain sections of Russian economy. Further sanctions will mean crippling the Russian economic framework even more thereby compelling it to come to the sitting table and stop its aggressive agenda against peaceful territories.
Embarking on a defensive approach, Ukrainian military has taken control of the eastern borders of the city of Mariupol, has fortified it covering all checkpoints and digging trenches. The conflict which started in March following Russian invasion of Crimea has known no end and there is no near end in sight too.



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