Russia sends robot “Fedor” to space

The Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos had launched an unmanned rocket into space which was carrying a humanoid robot.

What has happened?

  • Russia launched its unmanned rocket carrying the Soyuz module from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
  • While the Soyuz is generally used for manned missions, this time the Soyuz was carrying out a special mission and was flying unmanned.
  • The Soyuz was carrying a robot named Fedor. Fedor is the abbreviation of the Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research Vehicle.?
  • The Fedor robot is the first robot being sent up by Russia.

What is Fedor?

  • The Fedor is a human-sized robot which was strapped into a custom-built pilot seat in the Soyuz capsule.
  • The Robot has a height of 1.8 meters and weighs a total of 160 kilograms.
  • The Robt is designed to copy human movements and will be used to remotely help astronauts or people on land to accomplish tasks which require humans to be strapped into an exoskeleton.
  • While the current mission of the Robot is to help the astronauts at the ISS, Fedor is to carry out activities like repairs & maintaining in dangerous situations and perform spacewalks in situations which are fatal to the humans.
  • Even on land, Fedor can be used to perform potentially dangerous activities like working in high radiation environments, demining and tricky rescue missions in constrained spaces.
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