Russia launches most powerful nuclear icebreaker Arktika

Russia has launched the new Project 22220 nuclear powered icebreaker dubbed ‘Arktika’. It is the world’s largest and most powerful vessel of its kind.
It was launched from the Baltic Shipyard located in Russia’s second largest city of St. Petersburg.
Key features of Arktika

  • Arktika is powered by two next generation RITM-200 nuclear-reactors. These reactors will be supplied with nuclear be produced by the TVEL fuel company.
  • It has dual-draft design which makes it possible to use it in Arctic waters and in estuaries of polar rivers. It can break through 13 feet (3 metres) thick ice.
  • The vessel is 173.3 meters long and 34 meters wide. It has displacement capacity of 33540 metric tons.



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