Russia lashes out at new sanctions

Russia has taken the latest round of sanctions which are so-far the strictest ever to be highly inappropriate and unfair. The Russian foreign ministry has taken a direct dig at Washington, blaming it of pursuing narrow geopolitical ambitions and thus trying to keep the crisis burning. Russia has voiced strong criticism against the EU step as it stated that the sanctions have come at a time when the Russia and Ukraine both wanted to reach an indefinite ceasefire and truce. The last week also saw comments by the Ukraine President that Russia is honouring the ceasefire which was evident as the Russian troops receded from the Ukrainian territory.
EU had been watching the events very closely and had sealed the sanctions when President Putin openly praised the rebels in Ukrainian territory for their resistance and fighting potential. This had invited international criticism for the Russian regime and stand and condemnations poured in from all sides alike.
The crisis which had been triggered by the Russian occupation of Crimea has taken dangerous scale as it had blown out of proportion. The recent escalations by the Russians by sending heavy troops across the Ukraine border were a cause of great concern for the EU and NATO alike. The NATO summit at Wales had called for its member nations to scale up its defence budget and also guard against their eastern borders. The NATO members had harboured fears of a possible invasion by Russia if the Ukraine crisis took form of a war.
Russia’s foreign ministry issued a statement Friday responding to the latest sanctions, which it called “the latest hostile step on the confrontational course of the American administration.” The ministry claimed Washington “is focusing on an escalation of the Ukrainian conflict” rather than a peaceful resolution. “We are not going to act in order to please the United States’ geopolitical ambitions and the calculations of those overseas politicians who are trying to use a ‘manageable Ukraine’ to restrain Russia,” the ministry said.



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