Russia begins construction of 5th Nuclear Power Unit at Kudankulam

Russia started construction of fifth nuclear power unit at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu on June 29, 2021.

Key points

  • This development is a significant step in bilateral relation between both the countries.
  • Rosatom (a Russian company) is providing technology to construct the Kudankulam plant.
  • This plant has six units each having 1,000 MWe generation capacity.
  • It is going to be India’s first light water reactor.


India and Russia started talk for constructing two units of nuclear plant at same site under the General Framework Agreement (GFA). GFA was signed in June 2017 for units five and six. Unit one and two of kudankulam plant are already operational.

About Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP)

This nuclear power plant is the largest nuclear power of India. It is located in Kudankulam town in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Construction of the plant started on March 31, 2002. However, it faced several delays because of opposition from local fishermen.

Six reactors of KKNPP

KKNPP is scheduled to have six VVER-1000 reactors. All these reactors have been built or is being built in collaboration with Russian state company and Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL). Reactors have the installed capacity of 6,000 MW of electricity. Unit one was made operation and synchronised with southern power grid in October 2013. It has been generating electricity up to 1,000 MW. Unit two was synchronised with electricity grid on August 29, 2016. Units three & four was inaugurated on February 17, 2016. Now, construction of Unit five  & six will start.




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