RPF renamed as Indian Railways Protection Force Service; Railway prices hiked

The Railways Ministry has renamed Railway Protection Force (RPF) as Indian Railway Protection Force Service. The ministry has also accorded Group A status to RPF.

Railway Protection Force

The RPF was formed under the Railway Protection Force Act, 1957. Under the act, the RPF personnel have powers to search, arrest, investigate and prosecute. However, the ultimate power lies in the hands of Government Railway Police. RPF works under the control of Ministry of Railways.


The RPF was first formed in 1854 when the Railway construction was begun in India for the first time. However, it received its legal identity for the first time under Police act, 1861. In 1872, the Railway Police Committee recommended organization of Railway Police Force.

Government Railway Police (GRP)

These Police forces are different from that of the RPF. The GRP was established under Railway’s Act, 1989. The duties of GPF is same as that of District Police such as patrolling. But they hold their jurisdiction only on railway property. They observe law and order within the railway stations in the country. Also, the GRP examine empty train carriages, prevent overcrowding and control vehicle traffic inside the station premises.

Price Hikes

The Indian Railways has increased the train fares to 1p per km from January, 1, 2020 in non-suburban trains and non-air-conditioned trains. The fares have been hiked by 2p per km. The price hike was published by Indian Railway Conference Association.



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