Researchers grow tiny brain cells in test tubes

In a latest development in the field of Bioscience, scientists have grown mini human brains in test tubes, which will serve as a tool for them watch the development of brain in embryonic stage. They are hopeful that it will enhance their understanding of neurological and mental problems.
These miniature human brains are the “cerebral organoids” which are a few millimetres across and are composed of layers of brain cells with defined regions that is similar to those seen in immature embryonic brains.

How would growing brain cells in test tube be useful?

The organoids grown in test tubes would aid scientists who want to analyze how disorder such as schizophrenia or autism occurs in the brain; though these are usually found in elderly people some of the underlying defects occur during the embryonic stage of brain’s development. These organoids are expected also to be useful in the development and testing of drugs.



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