Red Alert for Cyclone Vayu

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a red alert for Cyclone Vayu which is expected to make landfall on the western coast of the country over the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat.

Regions along the Gujarat coast are expected to see heavy rains, thunderstorm and lightning.

Cyclone Alerts by IMD

Stage of warning and Colour code

Cyclone WarningColour Code
Cyclone AlertYellow
Cyclone WarningOrange
Post-landfall outlookRed

The four stages of cyclone warnings issued by IMD are:

Pre Cyclone Watch

It is the first stage of warning issued 72 hours in advance. It is an early warning about the development of a cyclonic disturbance in the north Indian Ocean, its likely intensification into a tropical cyclone and the coastal belt likely to experience adverse weather.

Cyclone Alert

It is the second stage warning issued at least 48 hrs in advance of the expected commencement of adverse weather over the coastal areas. It provides information about the location and intensity of the storm likely direction of its movement, intensification, coastal districts likely to experience adverse weather and advice to fishermen, the general public, media and disaster managers.

Cyclone Warning

It is the Third Stage warning issued at least 24 hours in advance of the expected commencement of adverse weather over the coastal areas and the landfall point is forecast at this stage.

Post Landfall Outlook

It is the Fourth Stage of warning is and it gives likely direction of movement of the cyclone after its landfall and adverse weather likely to be experienced in the interior areas.


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