RealVNC is the winner of MacRobert Award

Screenshot_11.pngRealVNC was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award for outstanding innovation, commercial success and contribution to society.

About MacRobert Award:
  • The MacRobert Award is the UK’s longest running and most prestigious national prize for engineering innovation.
About RealVNC:
  • RealVNC is the most widely ported software application which is remote access software.
  • RealVNC’s technology allows a computer screen to be remotely accessed and controlled from another device.
  • It is officially part of the internet including web and email protocols.
  • RealVNC collaborates with leading players in the technology industry, including Intel to integrate VNC on chips for PCs and laptops; and Google, who license VNC technology and expertise to enable remote access functionality from its Chrome products.
  • It is also recognized as the standard for integrating smartphones with in-vehicle infotainment systems.