Rare Falcated Duck sighted in Goa

Birdwatchers for first time have sighted Falcated Duck in Goa which is considered as rare vagrant migrant bird species to the south of India.
Earlier the bird was sighted two times in southern parts of India away from its natural migratory habitat in North India. For first time it was sighted in Tamil Nadu in 2012 and second time in Akola (Maharashtra) in January 2015.

About Falcated Duck

  • Falcated Duck is a migratory bird, breeding in Russia and north China in summers and in winter migrate towards north of India.
  • Conservation prioritisation: Falcated Duck is classified as near threatened by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  • World population of this species is about 89,000 individuals as per the recent estimates.
  • Threats faced globally: Loss of habitat and hunting.
  • Loss of habitat especially wetland ecosystem in their winter migratory region is also a cause for concern.



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