Rajasthan Assembly passes Rajasthan Vexation Litigation Prevention Bill, 2015

Rajasthan Assembly passed the Rajasthan Vexation Litigation Prevention Bill, 2015 by  voice vote.
The objective of the bill is to prevent filing of baseless cases and to check the misuse of law for personal benefits. It covers both civil and criminal cases in the high court and subordinate courts.
With this Rajasthan became the fifth state in India after Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Madhya Pradesh to pass such legislation.
Vexatious Litigation: It is a legal proceeding or action initiated maliciously and without Probable Cause by an individual solely to harass or subdue an opponent or adversary. This action harasses innocent and law abiding people mentally and economically and also strains overburdened judicial system.
Apart from the above bill Rajasthan Assembly also passed other two amendment bills. They are

  • Prisons (Amendment) Bill, 2015: It aims at improving the efficiency of prisons in the state and also watch check on violence and gang wars in the prisons.
  • Rajasthan Police (Amendment) Bill, 2015: It adds provision for imposing monetary fine of 500 rupees on anyone who creates a nuisance on the road and obstructions or causes injures to a person or damages property.
  • It also adds provision for fining for the similar second incidence. During second time fine of 5,000 rupees will be imposed and for the third incidence 10,000 rupees and eight days’ jail.



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