Proposed Constitution (110th Amendment) Bill

On October 29, 2009, India’s Union Cabinet gave its approval to the proposal of Department of Agriculture and Cooperation to introduce the Constitution (One Hundred and Tenth Amendment ) Bill, 2009 in the Winter Session of Parliament for incorporation of special provisions relating to Cooperative Societies in the Constitution.

Following are the salient features of proposed amendment:

  1. Insertion of new article 43 B in Part IV of the Constitution providing for the State obligation to promote voluntary formation, autonomous functioning, democratic control and professional management of the cooperative societies;
  2. Incorporation of cooperative societies on the principles of voluntary formation, democratic member control, member economic participation and autonomous functions;
  3. Conduct of election of a cooperative society by an independent authority;
  4. Fix term of five years of office bearers of the cooperative society;
  5. Supersession of Board of cooperative society for a period of not exceeding six months;
  6. Independent professional audit of the cooperative societies;
  7. Convening of the General Body meeting of every cooperative society within a period of six months of the close of the financial year;
  8. Access to every member of the society to the books, information and the accounts of the cooperative society;
  9. Filing of the returns by every cooperative society within six months of the close of every financial year;
  10. Free, fair, impartial and timely elections of cooperative societies by the State Election Commission or by any other appropriate and independent body as may be provided by State law;
  11. Audit of the cooperative societies to be carried by the auditors from the government approved panel of auditors or firms;
  12. Maximum number of 21 Directors to be applicable to all cooperative societies irrespective of their size;
  13. Co-opted members not to be eligible to be elected as office-bearers of the Board.



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  • Ashish

    This is 111th Constitution Amendment Bill