Project Prana: Indigenous ventilators developed by IISc Bengaluru scientists and students

The students and scientists of IISc Bengaluru have developed indigenous ventilators under “Project Prana”.


The ventilator was made using pressure sensor that widely finds its application in automobile industry. Apart from the sensor, the scientists also used Reverse Osmosis Water Filters. The pressure and flow parameters in the ventilator are controlled by using PLC board. A PLC board is a programmable Logic Controller board. It is mainly used for programming purposes. The ventilator mixes oxygen with compressed air.

All the components used are found or made in India. Hence the ventilator is 100% indigenous.


With COVID-19 patients facing breathing difficulties, countries are competing to increase their stock. India is highly dependent on its imports for medical equipment like ventilators. India imports its ventilators from Switzerland.

These researches will help India fulfil its demands. Currently there are 40,000 ventilators available in the country. However, the use and need of ventilators will increase as number of cases increase day by day.

Indian Navy

Recently Naval Dockyard supplied its MOM (Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold) ventilators to Andhra Pradesh Government. The MOM ventilator is portable and is capable of serving 6 patients at a time.

The first set were sent to the AP government free of cost. Now, the AP Government has placed further orders with the Indian Navy to buy more MOM ventilators.




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