Project ‘Bal Basera’ at AIIMS Rishikesh to be inaugrated on 9 Sept

Bal Basera or a Crèche is a project for the welfare of Children of Construction Workers was deployed at AIIMS Rishikesh site. The project is supported by Central Public Works Department (CPWD). It will be inaugurated by Deepa Singh, President CPWD Officers’ Wives Association on 9 September 2019.

Bal Basera shall accommodate about 35 Children and shall be run by CPWD Officers’ Wives Association (OWA). AIIMS Rishikesh Project is being executed by CPWD.

CPWD Officer’s Wives Association

It is a Socio Cultural Organization run by the wives of officers of Central Public Works Department (CPWD). It was founded in 1971 by Late Mrs Rachel Muthachen and is actively involved in social welfare activities of weaker sections of society since last 48 years.

It provides monetary help to families of CPWD employees in distress, donate funds for organizations engaged in humanitarian causes, manage a large number of Bal Baseras and organizing health camps at construction site as well as run a Vocational Training Centre, a Day Care Centre and a Pre nursery School in New Delhi.


CPWD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CPWD Officers’ Wives Association for organising heath camps and managing crèches at construction sites in a formal and organised manner on large scale and on pan India basis so that workers and their children could lead a healthy and productive life.

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