Prohibition in use of animals in Election Campaigns

The Election Commission (E.C.) has directed the Political Parties and candidates not to use birds and animals in their campaigns. The E.C. has also directed that in case the use of animal is inescapable then the party/candidate will have to ascertain that no harm is caused to the animal including violation of any law as well as cruelty towards the creature. In order to rationalize its decision, the commission pointed towards Article 51(g) of the Indian Constitution that states compassion for all living creature as well as Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Act, 1960. E.C. also indicated towards the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 that forbids overloading and excruciating of the animals.

Why this decision made by E.C.?

  • The decision was made subsequent to the representations received by the E.C. by some organizations and individuals submitting the mercilessness that animals tolerated during the election campaign of the political parties.

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