Progress Report of RCS-UDAN Round 1,2 and 3

Under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS), the Ministry of Civil Aviation has successfully completed the first three rounds in the last three years.
According to a report published by the Ministry, under the first three rounds, 700 new routes were awarded. The progress report of the RCS-UDAN as on 31st October 2019:

Under round 1: 56 RCS route were awarded out of which 54 routes are operationalized, 43 RCS airports
Under round 2: 297 RSC route awarded out of which 104 are operationalized, 30 airports and 31 heliports
Under round 3: 335 RCS route awarded out of which 74 are operationalized, 33 RCS airports including 10 water aerodromes (round 3 report also includes round 3.1)
A total of 688 RCS routes awarded out of which 232 are operationalized, 106 airports+ 31 Heliports were sanctioned as on 31st October 2019.
Ministry of Civil Aviation has set a target to operationalize above 100 airports and 1000 RCS routes in the next five years.



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