Probe ordered against Asian Paints by CCI

Asian Paints will be probed for allegedly stopping the entry of JSW Paints by virtue of it’s in the market. The probe has been ordered by the CCI (Competition Commission of India). The order was passed after JSW Paints filed a complaint against Asian Paints. It is known that Asian Paints had threatened dealers across Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu on dealing with JSW paints.

The Regulator said that there is evidence that Asian Paints had denied access to dealers and threatening the dealers in various ways. On the other hand, Asian Paints went against the motion of JSW  Paints. It has also been mentioned if dealers deal with JSW Paints then Asian Paints would discontinue the supplies and will disallow the discounts which dealers were entitled.

The regulator mentioned that Asian Paints attempted to prevent JSW Paints in establishing its presence in the market. JSW Paints mentioned that Asian Paints wants to dominate the industry as it has been for 10 years.

The regulator directed the director-general to complete the investigation in 60 days from receipt of order.



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