Pro-Democracy Protests at Hong Kong

Hong Kong is undergoing a mass civil protest by students to meet their demand of democracy. There has been an intense stand-off as the top administrator has chosen to remain silent about the demands of the protestors. The protestors who are mostly students have called for an immediate civil disobedience in the Chinese territory.
The demonstration over the weekend are actually an outcome of a week of peaceful protests and boycotts by students against the Chinese domination of the Hong Kong governance. The protestors are occupying the government buildings in thousands in Hong Kong’s business district. The police have assured that the site will be cleared soon. They are resorting to rampant arrests and also use of tear gas and pepper spray. There is a huge deployment of emergency personnel at the critical junctions. The Chief Administrator has stated his resolve in putting an end to the unlawful occupation of the government buildings. He also asked the protestors to present their stance in a more legal and lawful manner.
The movement in its own statement has said that Mr. Leung has failed to deliver on the much needed political reform. The protestors are adamant on getting their demands recognised and are not willing to leave ground till they are addressed. Police have made active arrests including the arrest of the movement leader Joshua Wong. They are ready to prolong the protest until they are forcibly evicted.