Prime Minister Narendra Modi named among 30 most influential people on internet: Time Magazine

Time Magazine has named Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi among the list of 30 most influential people on the internet.
As per Time magazine

  • PM Narendra Modi has around 38 million followers on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.
  • He is ardent user of social media and uses it to communicate and reach to India’s 200 million-plus online population directly.
  • However PM Narendra Modi is behind US President Barack who is also in the list and most-liked world leader on Facebook and the most-followed on Twitter.

The list also includes British author J K Rowling of the Harry Potter series, singers Beyonce and Taylor Swift.
Time Magazine‘s 30 most influential people list on internet was prepared by analyzing the social-media followings, site traffic and overall ability to drive news of famous people.



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