President launches "Kisaan Portal"- aimed at reaching Information, Advisories, Services to 12 Crore Farmers

President Pranab Mukherjee launched a ‘Kisaan Portal’ for sending SMS through mobile phones to the farmers across the nation. This initiative will enable the farmers to take informed decision pertaining to different aspects of farming and weather forecasts. It has been set up to spread information, advisories and services through SMS to more than 12o million farmers across the country. To access the service, farmers will have to register themselves by calling Kisaan Call Centre on the toll free number 1800-180-1551 or through the web portal.

What are the key benefits of the SMS Advisories from Kisaan Portal?

The key advantages include:

  • It will help farmers in taking informed decisions relating to different aspects of farming including crop production and marketing, animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries.
  • The farmers can customize the SMS service to get advisories relevant to their specific requirements.
  • Weather forecast SMS and alerts will enable farmers in planning, farming operations effectively and taking the best suited action to deal with adverse weather conditions.
    Advisories on disease/pest outbreak will also assist the farmers to take quick actions to safeguard their crops and animals.
  • Advisories on best practices, such as selection of better suited crop variety/ animal breed, will lead to better farm productivity and enhanced income to the farmers.
    Farmers will be informed about the market which will give the farmer better bargaining power which in turn help farmers in taking better decisions about sale of his produce.
  • The SMS service will also include soil test results, selection of fertilizer and its dosage, and also information on various programmes so that farmers can make the best use of assistance and know-how being made available by the Government.